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The Cool-season Turfgrasses: Identification - PSU; sketches & text.

VA Tech Weed Identification Guide - photos & text; Using Scientific Name Index select a Resource in upper right corner drop-down menu such as grass weed ID, crop & garden weeds, pasture & hayfield weeds, lawns & turfgrass weeds, landscape & nursery weeds, roadside weeds, aquatic weeds, wildflowers. Please note: wildflower section includes invasive plants as well as native plants, ex. Dicentra cucullaria.


C-FAR - Key ID links to photos & text. Scroll down entire left column to view all key options. Funded by C-FAR, Illinois Council on Food and Agricultural Research. Please note: flower section includes invasive plants as well as some native plants, ex. Lupinus perennis.



Weeds of the Northeast - Richard H. Uva; excellent photos, text, similar species. Please note: book includes invasive plants as well as a few native plants, Campsis radicans Trumpetcreeper and Parthenocissus quinquefolia VA creeper.

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