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Home Lawns –  PSU; detailed info covering the following topics:

How Turfgrasses Grow and Develop, and How to Identify Turfgrasses

Turfgrass Establishment and Renovation

Managing Home Lawns

Pest Management in Home Lawns



Managing Turfgrass Diseases - PSU; detailed info with photos, howver, you may need to download PDF to view photos of each disease.


Ohioline - OSU; detailed info with photos.


 Insect Management in Home Lawns:



The Cool-season Turfgrasses: Identification - PSU; sketches & text.

Turfgrass ID Tool - Purdue U., Turfgrass Science, Dept of Agronomy; detailed photos.

See Weeds page for weed ID.



Weed Management in Turf - PSU; online booklet with sketches and info.

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