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Deciduous: Planting Care for New Plants - PSU Solution Source (7004)

Pruning Ornamental Plants - PSU pub for purchase or PDF; In-depth, sketches, tools, techniques. when to prune specific plants.

Pruning Ornamental Trees and Shrubs - Purdue U, Landscape Horticulture; In-depth, sketches, tools, when to prune particular plants.



Plant Pathology Fact Sheets - PSU; Woody Ornamentals; Full text, some photos.

Insects and Mites - PSU Dept of Entomology, Woody Ornamental Insect, Mite, and Disease Management.

Woody Ornamental IPM PSU Southwestern IPM; some photos/text for specific insects; click on fact sheets or diagnosis to view index.

Anthracnose of Trees and Shrubs - Cornell U. Facts Sheet, Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic, updated 1.05; brief, photos.


Specific Shrubs


Boxwoods for PA Landscapes - PSU Col of Ag Sciences, CAT UF252 11/01acg4484; no photos; size, hgt, width, culture; in office.



Maintaining Healthy Rhododendrons and Azaleas in the Landscape - OSU Ext. Fact Sheet; common problems and cultural needs.



Rose Rosette Disease -VA Cooperative Ext. May 2002. A disease believed to be a virus spread by a mite; affects wild and cultivated roses; spreading through midwestern, southern, and eastern U.S. for yrs. First noted in 1941. Multiflora rose was introduced from Japan in 1866 as rootstock for ornamental roses; 1930's - 1960's multiflora rose recommended to plant in U.S. for erosion control, bird sanctuary, etc.; now an Invasive Plant.



Pruning Ornamental Plants - PSU pub for purchase or PDF. p20 refers to specifically to roses.

Our Rose Garden - U of Illinois detailed site on many aspects of roses; history, selecting, planting, pruning, etc.


Knock Out Roses

Prune late March or early April before new growth. To keep compact cut back to ankle high. For the July trim to limit Japanese beetle damage trim back no more than 1/3 of top when beetles start to swarm. New buds will form in about 3 - 4 wks as Japanese beetle population is decreasing. During the growing season you may choose to snip off finished bloom clusters to encourage more blooms, detailed sketch in pruning section of Our Rose Garden. Go down several sets of leaves rather than just tips. Details at PennLive Use pruners to battle beetles by George Wiegel. More info in pub noted above, Pruning Ornamental Plants, a PSU pub., p20 refers specifically to roses and Our Rose Garden website by U of Il.

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