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Search Engines

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PlantFacts Glossary

OSU, illustrated definitions, Glossary at bottom of page.



Allen County Horticulture Publications

List of PDF pubs on various topics for the midwest but many are applicable here.


Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion Table and Formulas

NOAA/National Climateic Data Center


Consumer Horticulture Center

PSU. Note: Some links are easier to use than others and some are blank.

Three main sections:

1. Directory: Fact Sheet Keyword and Garden Question Keyword.

2. Fact Sheets: Fall, Non-seasonal, Spring, Summer, Winter.

3. Garden Questions: Fall, Non-seasonal, Spring, Summer, Winter

Directory of Land-grant Universities

CO State U. ,extensive search engine in E-answers section


Federal Citizen Information Center


Federal programs, everyday consumer issues such as cars, computers, educ.


Home and Garden Information Center's Plant Diagnostic Web Site (HGIC)

U of MD; photographic keys.


Kemper Center for Home Gardening

Service of the William T. Kemper Center for Home Gardening located at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, Missouri. The information is geared toward gardening in the lower Midwest but much of the extensive online resources, including recycling tips, is relevant here. Be sure to click on Gardening Help box in upper left corner to find wealth of information.


LandHelp Info

CO State U., sent by Ginger Pryor for MG’s. LandHelp is pre-researched and pre-sorted to retrieve useful information to manage the land's resources wisely: including soil, water, air, plants, animals, people and human developments. Click on "Search" in top left column or scroll down left-hand column to find category of interest. Click on chosen category to find further categories to narrow your search.


National Sustainable Agriculture Research Information Services (ATTRA)


Funded by USDA grant; sustainable agriculture, organic farming, pubs, grants.


Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education


Ohioline Fact Sheets

Ohio State Univ.; Frequently used searches within this site: Horticultural Series, Insects & Pests, Plant Disease.


Ohioline Yard & Garden

Ohio State U.


PA Dept. of Agriculture


PA Dept of Conservation and Natural Resources


Penn State College of Agriculture Publications

Scroll down page to find appropriate title under "Browse Subject Areas".


Penn State Cooperative Extension

Columbia Montour, Northumberland, Snyder, Lycoming, Union

Penn State Master Gardeners Blog

Run by Lehigh & Northampton County MG, entomologist, and horticulturalist.


Penn State U. Life Sciences Library



OSU; search engine, photos, FAQ’s, illustrated glossary.


Plant Pathology Fact Sheets

PSU; common diseases of plants frequently grown in greenhouses, interiorscapes, and in outdoor landscapes and nurseries in the northeastern U.S.


Plants Database

USDA; search engine, photos, state specific.


Pocket Gardener



Solution Source

PSU Colege of Ag.; Compost; Flowers, groundcovers, vines; Holiday plants/gifts; Horticultural basics; House plants; Lawns; Pesticide Safety; Specialty Gardens; Trees/shrubs. NOTE: Some links do not work.


UConn Plant Database

U of Conn. Trees, shrubs, and vines. Search by name or attributes. Includes audible pronunciation.


Union County, PA

Government site.

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