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Backyard Tree Fruit, You Can Do It - A backyard fruit project in Lackawanna County which produced a crop of acceptable quality fruit through a simplified program without using highly toxic products. Practices were developed by John Esslinger, Penn State  Commercial Horticulture Extension Educator and a group of interested Master Gardeners, to accommodate the needs of amateur fruit growers. Project is also posted on PSU Pesticide Education site.

Fruit Production for the Home Gardener: A Comprehensive Guide – PSU.College of Agricultural Sciences. Available online and for purchase. Use headings in left column to find desired topic.

Home Orchard Management – West VA University Extension Services. In-depth info.

Home Tree Fruit Production and Pest Management - Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service EPP-7319; excellent photos; in-depth, color coded calendar.

Mid Atlantic Berry Guide - available online and as spiral notebook;  Nov 2007 by PSU, VA Tech, Rutgers U., U of DE, UMD, WVAU. For commercial growers but useful for homeowners; available for purchase at your County Extension office. Notebook in Ext. office.

Tree Fruit Production Guide - PSU College of Agricultural Sciences. Geared for commercial growers but relevant for home gardeners.


Fire Blight

Fire Blight - PSU Tree Fruit Production Guide; apples, quince, pears.




Apple Scab - PSU Fruit Pathology Fact Sheet


Blackberry Diagnostic Tool - NC State U. Dept of Horticultural Science.



Blueberry Diagnositc Tool - Cornell U.

Blueberry Fact Sheets - photos and text of various problems provided by various universities through Cornell's website.

Growing Highbush Blueberries - UNH

Plant Doctor - detailed photos with name of problem.

Botrytis Blight - Oregon State U.

Organic Production - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

Phomopsis Canker is caused by the fungas Phomopsis vaccini; PSU Fruit Production for the Home Gardner, text only.


Current & Gooseberry

Current & Gooseberry Pests - USDA/ARS.



Plant Doctor - Vine Fruit, detailed grape photos with name of problem.

Black Rot - Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Grape Black Rot - OSU.



Plant Doctor - Vine Fruit, detailed kiwi photos with name of problem, scroll past grape photos.



Growing Raspberries & Blackberries - UNH

Plant Doctor - Brambles, detailed photos with name of problem.

Raspberry Diagnostic Tool - Cornell U.

Bramble Borers -  On hot afternoons look for symptoms of various insect pests:  wilting tips, two lines about 1/2 inch apart within 8 inches of the tip, swelling up to 3 inches long, and/or a large hole in the side of a cane. If bramble boreres are found early eggs and larvae may be contained within a few inches of the injury. If this is the case then prunning out the cane 4-6 inches below the damage may prevent further damage. July 2008 The Vegetable & Small Fruit Gazette, Bramble Boreres by Kathy Demchak, PSU.



Strawberry Diagnostic Tool - Cornell U.

Growing Strawberries William H. Becker Union County MG talk 3.27.10.pdf

Growing Strawberries - WPSU Three Minute Gardener video on how to plant bare root strawberries.

With a little care and prep, strawberries easily bear fruit - Pittsburgh PSU Extension.



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